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  • Jessie Nelson (Friday, December 11 15 02:40 pm EST)

    Last night I tried four of these amazing pies. They were paired with beer at Lexington Beerworks and I can not wait to order some for the Holidays. First of the the Brussel Sprout Quiche with Bacon
    Jam was out of this world. I mean Bacon Jam, it will make Angels shed happy tears. We also had the Sweet Potato, Pork and Apple and the Chocolate Blueberry. The all left me wanting more Pie. However,
    trust me that Brussel Sprout Quiche is made with all the talent and Love of someone who loves what they do!

  • Tyler Jennings (Wednesday, July 08 15 01:08 pm EDT)

    Rian, owner of Pig & Pepper Baking Co. is a true professional who is not only prompt, well-organized, and hard working, but she is also very kind and passionate about her work.

    From the moment we began planning our Pi(e) Day wedding dessert (3/14/15), Rian was very responsive to our inquiries, and excited share some of her beautiful pies with us on our special day. It is
    difficult to select just a few flavors from such a creative and inspired menu - we wanted them all! - but Rian graciously prepared tastings and helped guide us throughout the process, allowing us to
    make suggestions and tweaks as needed. She even made a chocolate pecan bourbon pie out of our homebrewed wedding porter!

    Her miniature pies were the talk of the party and, to this day, people are excited to hear of such a unique wedding day desert. I think that we have converted a few people already! Personally, we
    wouldn't have it any other way. After all, who wants cake, when you can have pie!?

    If you're considering hiring Rian for your event, then think no further - DO IT! You absolutely will not regret it.... And, with any luck, there will be leftovers!

  • Jon (Sunday, July 05 15 10:14 am EDT)

    I am a man who knows pie, and I'm always excited to see and taste the latest creation. Unique, delicious, an experience!

  • HD (Thursday, July 02 15 06:53 pm EDT)

    This is not your grandma's pie.*

    *Unless your grandma invented a time machine, visited the 21st century, stole amazing flavor combinations, and then traveled back in time to make you some pie.

  • Jacob (Thursday, July 02 15 04:50 pm EDT)

    Everything is delicious. From the staple offerings to the more experimental and adventurous flavors, they will make sure you get what you want for any occasion. The desert pies are excellent but the
    savory are my personal favorites.

  • Lauren (Thursday, July 02 15 12:47 pm EDT)

    I'm pretty sure that the key ingredients in Pig & Pepper pies are unicorn tears and Pegasus feathers. When Chuck Norris wants to make a pie, he calls Rian first for instructions. Seriously, these
    pies are the bomb diggity and then some.

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